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    Mahrukh Rakay (2019)

    I am a super satisfied parent. The school is running awesome programmes, that are rare in Singapore. The staff and the entire team is simply brilliant ! My son is having a great learning environment at Waterway Primary School. Big thumbs up!

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    Soon Hong Chai (2019)

    Interesting and engaging curriculum. Helpful and friendly teachers and staff.

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    Jesline Yeo (2019)

    Interesting lessons and passionate teachers. Great school!

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    Jialing Ma (2019)

    A good school with great learning environment encompass with passionate teachers and excellence curriculums for the students.

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    Connie Xu (2019)

    Great environment for learning! Recommended! 👍

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    Sm Lee (2019)

    Excellent school with outstanding curriculum, nice principal, caring teachers and great learning environment!

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    Janesse Lee (2019)

    Good environment, fun study and good principle and teachers.

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    Nuurul Nasir (2019)

    Waterway Primary School is nothing short of perfect. It may not be our first choice but it’s the BEST choice!

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    Anne Pang (2019)

    Team of caring teachers and outstanding school programmes.

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    Hannah Lim (2019)

    Responsible and caring teachers, good academic system in place, strong character building curriculum and parents are kept updated through the SNAC app. What more can a parent ask for :)

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    Iris Ng (2019)

    Wonderful environment for learning and the orators programme is very interesting. Thumbs up to the group of key personnel and caring Teachers in Waterway Primary School.

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    Wee Chong Hoe (2019)

    An amazing school with a wonderful community of outstanding leaders, teachers, staff and parents support.

    With the experienced teachers who are caring, dedicated and professional, it has made our daughter be more confident and developed in so many ways. She has enjoyed every single day in school. The lessons are fun and effective at the same time.

    The teachers are top-notch and we have seen an unbelievable amount of extra effort put forth by them.

    We have had such a fantastic experience here and we would recommend to everyone.

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    Tiong Stella (2019)

    Is a great school that helped my kid to develop both humility and responsibility. Kudos to the outstanding teachers of Waterway Primary School

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    Ariel Tan (2019)

    A great start for young kids, with good exposure to various platforms such as Orators, Maths enrichment and Robotics.

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    Trisha Ng (2019)

    The teachers are great and put in a lot of efforts organising educational activities for the children and updating us on their progress. Dedicated teachers, principal and staff!

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    Rosmini Juriami (2019)

    It’s a good school. Teacher genuinely showing care and concern toward the children well being & good curriculum.

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    Jasmine Lee (2019)

    My daughter love going to school and is doing well. I really appreciate the Teachers efforts to encourage her. Really pleased with my daughter’s progress, her 1st year in Waterway Primary is amazing. As a parent, we are very impressed with school’s program, Teachers and Principal.

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    Rosmini Juriami (2019)

    It’s a good school. Teacher genuinely showing care and concern toward the children well being & good curriculum.

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    Santi Monica (2019)

    Great school with great principal, teachers and environment! Overall very grateful to this school for teaching good values and build up confidence level in my child. Orators programme is indeed very useful to groom my child to be a confident pupil!

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    Yzel Angeles (2019)

    Curriculum is very good and interesting. Students are learning through different platforms. Teachers and staff are friendly and helpful. Parents are updated regularly through the SNAC app. Overall, a great school conducive of learning and having fun at the same time. We’re happy to send our child in Waterway Primary School.

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    MR IVAN CHIA (2020)

    To the Teachers of 1I - thank you for your patience and kindness in coaching my Iva. It’s heart warming to know my child enjoys learning in a comfortable environment with the right responsive mentors! Happy Teachers’ Day!

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    Mrs Mahrukh R Karim (2020)

    Dear Teach ! *Happy Teachers’ Day* This year has been really challenging for everyone, it pushed each one of us to our limits, but the way all the teachers buckled up and held their front is no small thing.. We commend you for your bravery, you never gave up and didnt left us alone 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 No words can thank you enough for your dedication 🙏🏻

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    Michiko's Parents (2020)

    Dear 2G Teachers, We cannot thank you enough for the positive impacts you have created on our child. Thank you! Happy Teacher's Day😊

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    PARTHA ROY (2020)

    Dear teacher, through this text message, I wish you a happy teacher’s day on this special day. I also send heartfelt thankful wishes and am grateful for you to have mentored my daughter so well.

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    Ms MARY ANN SANTOS (2020)

    A big shout out and thank you to all 3B teachers. Thank you for your patience and your concern to all your students.

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    Parent of Roxy (2020)

    A great big shoutout to all the Teachers and Principals of Waterway Primary School! You guys have been doing a great job! We really appreciate it! Thank You!!

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    Parents of Ethan Siow (2020)

    Thank you to all the teachers in 4B, it’s been a tough year for you but your dedication towards the children's growth and ensuring their wellbeing during this trying period have truly touched our hearts. Have a great day, you guys rock!

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    To all P4C teachers and WWPS teachers and staffs - 

    As a parent, we can't thank you enough for your hard work and sacrifices. This HBL period is not easy for Parent and the same go to teachers. You have to prepare all the materials, checking on the completed assignments and at the same time looking after your family (especially for those teachers with kids). 

    I have been watching the daily starter pack videos with the boys and truly appreciate the effort Mrs Wee and all the teachers put in together in keeping the student engaged. 

    Special thanks to Ms Tan for checking in on the daily work submitted and calling up children to check on their well-being and provide guidance and clarification on submitted work. I would also like to thank Mr Lim for all the online math video guidance with the appropriate tone and speed. Isaac said he can follow the videos and completed the work at the same time. 

    This is a new learning experience for all of us and I'm glad that we together made this a smooth learning journey. 

    Let's hope this pandemic will be over soon and all of us will get back to our usual routine and life 😊

    Issac Neoh's Mum
    4C (2020)

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    Dear Miss Yeo,

    Thank you for your message. I had the chance to observe the situation at school dismissal on Monday. The school's done a fabulous job.

    The message on Parents Gateway about safe distancing and school's safety actions had certainly created an impact. It looked like parents/guardians have evaluated their own behaviors around safety distancing.

    The effort on the ground, particularly on distributing the previous congestion at the security office gate by opening up other gates was clearly a success.

    Thank you to all the staff in Waterway Primary School. Well done. Thanks to you.

    I wish everyone a safe journey ahead.

    Best Regards,
    Sam Ng
    Parent of Aidan Ng P2H (2020)

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    “We appreciate the school and teachers who have been being so supportive and caring for the children. They have been putting extra efforts and keep it going during such uncertain times. The "HBL" was well planned and designed and it was very well explained by the teacher. So, We would like to have "HBL" for all 5 days for the next few weeks as this pandemic spread is increasing each passing day. The children who have care available at home, if they can go for "HBL", it will be great help for us to fight against this current situation. This way it may help to reduce the burdens on the public transport as well, as at the bus stops and inside the bus or at LRT stations and inside the LRT it’s hard to follow social distancing measures while commuting with these young primary school going children. Thank you for your immense hard work and great support and many cheers for all the teachers and other managerial staff of the school.”

    “The HBL was well executed within a short timeframe. Awesome WPS!! We didn't encounter any login issue and were prepared for any hiccups given its the very first HBL. We were surprised and impressed with the result because hey , the whole sg (primary) students are doing this. And lucky it didn't crash! So no complaints. We are sure the school and teachers worked very very hard for this. Very heartfelt appreciation to MOE, schools and especially the Teachers for seeing this through during this difficult period! Please do let us know if we can contribute in any way, too!”

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    Good day!

    My daughter is Tham Yu Jie Skyler of class 2F of 2020. Before the year comes to a closure, I would like to express my gratitude for Skyler's teachers, especially her form teacher, Mr Irwan, for all that they have done for the students of class 2F.

    Mr Irwan has been a very understanding, kind and nurturing form teacher. He is always ready to help his students. Skyler is not consistent in her learning at times and he is always very patient and continues to motivate her with words of encouragement. Skyler has a lot of admiration for Mr Irwan and is always looking forward to going to school. When I was in school as a parent volunteer, I could see that Mr Irwan is very well liked and respected by Skyler's classmates too. I am thankful that Skyler enjoys learning in school because she has a fantastic form teacher in her lower primary school years. I believe the other parents will agree with me that they too are grateful that the students of 2F have Mr Irwan as their form teacher. We thank Mr Irwan for filling each school day with enthusiasm, fun and love.

    The dedication and commitment from Mr Irwan is very much appreciated. I would also like to thank all the other subject teachers of 2F 2020 for their dedication and hard work. I am grateful that Skyler enjoys good foundation years in Waterway Primary School under the wings of these amazing educators.

    Warmest regards,

    Mrs Tham (2020)

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    Dear Mrs Wee Kwan Liam,

    I’m the parent of Lionel Tay Yunxiang, Class 2J, and I’m writing in to you, to share our compliment and gratitude to his class form teacher, Ms Clara Ong.

    My son has recently injured himself and was advised by the KKH specialist to wear neck brace and avoid contact sports for 2-3 weeks. Ms Ong has promptly responded to our messages when we informed that he would be absent from school, and facilitated passing of his school work to us.

    What was even more commendable was her efforts put in to ensure the safety of my son. She not only offered and gave permission for Lionel to take the lift, she also noticed and advised us to help him pack lightly to reduce the weight of his bag. Though the above are small actions, we truly appreciate her initiatives. It also shows us Ms Ong’s thoughtfulness towards her students. This is also not the first time that she has shown her observations towards my son too.

    I would like to thank her for her meticulousness and efforts put in to teach my son. Thank you.

    Mrs Tay
    Parent of Lionel Tay Yunxiang, Class 2J

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    Mrs Tay

    Dear Mrs Wee Kwan Liam,

    I’m the parent of Lionel Tay Yunxiang, Class 2J, and I’m writing in to you, to share our compliment and gratitude to his class form teacher, Ms Clara Ong.

    My son has recently injured himself and was advised by the KKH specialist to wear neck brace and avoid contact sports for 2-3 weeks. Ms Ong has promptly responded to our messages when we informed that he would be absent from school, and facilitated passing of his school work to us.

    What was even more commendable was her efforts put in to ensure the safety of my son. She not only offered and gave permission for Lionel to take the lift, she also noticed and advised us to help him pack lightly to reduce the weight of his bag. Though the above are small actions, we truly appreciate her initiatives. It also shows us Ms Ong’s thoughtfulness towards her students. This is also not the first time that she has shown her observations towards my son too.

    I would like to thank her for her meticulousness and efforts put in to teach my son. Thank you.

    Mrs Tay
    Parent of Lionel Tay Yunxiang, Class 2J (2020)

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    Jovina has been looking forward to go to school every day. We are thankful to the teachers and staff who have made it a great start for her. We especially appreciate the group Parent-Teacher Meeting held in March, where parents had the opportunity to visit the school and sit in in our child's class to have a feel of how the children spend their day in school. The teachers also celebrated the uniqueness of each child when they presented them with a special certificate for their individual unique talent. Keep up the great work and we look forward to growing together with the school! 

    ~Parent of Jovina Fajar (1B, 2018)

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    Thank you for giving our child many opportunities to take on different roles. He enjoys PE the most as he can learn new sports and games together with his peers. He really takes pride to be a student of Waterway Primary School!

    ~Parent of Eason Jian (1B, 2018)

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    With hearts filled with uncertainties, my 6-year-old embarked on a new journey with Waterway Primary School in January 2018. We (or rather, I) were all jitters about our girl coping with the big change, but it only took us a couple of days to come to the realization that our worries were totally uncalled for…!

    Her teachers are very loving, patient and reassuring. She eased into primary school very well and is now enjoying school very much – what a positive change! We are certainly awed! Her form teacher, Ms Azlin, takes the time to update us of her progress periodically, and also gives constructive feedback on our child. I love how things are being communicated & addressed in a timely manner.

    Also, I love how the management/teachers always welcome the children in the mornings, whether it is at the school gate or the foyer. I just love the ‘welcome-home’ approach! There is no greater joy in knowing that your child is in good hands! Woohoo!

    Thanks to the dedicated team of Waterway Primary School! Cheers!

    ~Parent of Tessa Ho (1B, 2018)

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    Mdm Shailaja

    I am Shailaja, mother of Kedar Bharadwaz studying Primary 2 in Waterway Primary School. At first, I was very much worried about how Kedar would adjust to his primary school life after the completion of his kindergarten. But Mrs Wong Yan Ru, his form teacher in Primary 1 and Primary 2, totally encouraged my son in all the activities and was always positive. That made my son do much better in his studies. I am thankful to Mrs Wong, all the school staff, and the principal for giving such extraordinary education and individual attention to children. We are very happy that my son is studying in such an excellent school. Thank you!

     -Mdm Shailaja, mother of Turlapati Kedar Bharadwaz (2F, 2018)

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    Mrs Melanie Sin

    Mrs Mitchelle Wong helped my son to overcome his fears in his learning journey as a P1 student and a slow learner. Mrs Wong fully understands and gives consideration to the situation of my son. Thank you so much, Mrs Wong, for your help.

    -Mrs Melanie Sin, mother of Sin Yuan Cheng Johann Israel (1I, 2018)

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    Mdm Farizan

    My child, Tara, has blossomed under the care of her teachers, especially Mrs Han, who is always cheery and positive. She encourages her students, motivates them and is very organised when it comes to their filing and work. I’m also impressed with the way the school disseminates information. All through SNAC. Very efficient and convenient for working parents. 

    I was impressed with their latest Coding programme. It was systematically done by Mr Sim. He was very accommodating as well. Here’s a post I had written on the school’s programme. Thank you to all the Teachers for their sincere guidance.

    ~Mdm Farizan, parent of Tara Shakila Binte Andiyanta (2B, 2018)

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    Mdm May Huang

    My son is a P1 student from Waterway Primary School. The school is 2 kilometers away from my home. I still choose to let my children join this school. My son has gotten a lot of attention here. The school environment is good, the equipment is good, and the teachers are very responsible and patient. I am very happy that my child joined this school and my younger daughter will be joining it 2 years later. 

    ~Mdm May Huang, mother of Ethan Yeap (2A, 2019)

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    Mr Willy Sim

    I find updates from SNAC, ClassDojo and the school websites informative and beneficial as I’m kept abreast of my children’s activities and happenings.

    In my opinion, the popularity of Waterway Primary School speaks for itself as my children look forward to going to school with enthusiasm and find their teachers caring, patient and encouraging. 

    Thank you and thumbs up to all teachers for your dedication, support and commitment in nurturing and guiding the development of our children!

    ~Mr Willy Sim, father of Melvin Sim (4E, 2019) & Melissa Sim (2H, 2019)

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    Mdm Chen Xiaoyan

    Today, I asked Nuo Xuan if he liked his school. He answered, “Yes, I like the school!” I really appreciate that the school gives him a good environment and atmosphere so that he enjoys learning in Waterway Primary School. 

    ~Mdm Chen Xiaoyan, mother of Wang Nuo Xuan (2J, 2019)

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    Selecting Waterway Primary School has to be one of the best decisions made ever! The impeccable set up of the school’s facilities right down to the teachers’ passion for teaching makes learning a breeze for my kid. What stood out for us is the excellent curriculum with an interesting mix to provide a holistic development to Shayden both socially and academically. Shayden really enjoys the “PAL Robotics” class where he has the chance to have a hands-on experience dealing with technology and at the same time collaborate with his classmates in a team to achieve results.

    Kudos to the form teacher, Miss Kang, who always make it a point to keep us parents abreast of the latest updates through close communication methods periodically!

    ~Sharon, mother of Shayden Ho (1H, 2018)

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    芯宇在河道小学开始了她的学习路程。 在老师耐心和细心的指导下,她享受到更优质的教育。

    ~Serene Leong, parent of Lim Xin Yu Cherish (3D, 2018)

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    We are especially thankful to Waterway Primary School for offering Xavier opportunities to explore his interests and potential this past year in P1 and now in P2. Xavier was excited to be part of the Teachers’ Day Celebration 2017, and was able to show his appreciation to his teachers with a song item. Waterway Primary School helped piqued his strong interest in robotics through PAL. We are delighted that Xavier looks forward to going to school, because he says it's always full of adventures every day. His form teacher, Mrs Wong, makes great effort to create an environment that encourages and supports his learning. Xavier speaks fondly of his teachers and they are a big part in cultivating his love for learning. A big thank you to all the teachers and staff of Waterway Primary School for providing a loving and caring environment for your students.

    ~Parents of Xavier Tor (2F, 2018)

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    We are incredibly blessed to have our son attend Waterway Primary School. As soon as you enter the school each day, you are greeted by such friendly, engaging and nurturing educators. They take the time to know each child and their families so that everyone (the children and the parents) is comfortable!
    Each day, we hear stories from our son about the fun adventures and learning that he has experienced, which are reinforced by the photos and stories that the educators share with us. WWPS addresses the educational needs of each child as well as their emotional and social well-being. The children participate in programmes and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyse the world around them, enriching their lives and forming a love of learning.

    WWPS promotes a wonderful community spirit and we couldn’t speak more highly of this wonderful school.

    ~Parents of Muhammed Marvel Ryz Farell Bin Anand Dorasingam (1E, 2018)

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    The school website makes us feel connected! We are able to know what's happening in school via the constant update of photos and videos published on the school website. It's always a joy to be able to participate in the events virtually.

    Waterway Primary School is definitely the right place for children to learn and grow. Thank you, teachers, for believing in Jerald. He has matured tremendously under all your guidance. He is also upholding the school values every day and guiding his younger sister along. Seeing his improvement makes me a proud parent.

    I still remember him telling me he felt demoralised at the beginning of 2017 Term 1 as he could not catch up with his peers in Chinese lessons. However, Mr Seah's encouragement boosted his confidence once again. He is now more confident with his Chinese.

    ~Mrs Iris Tan, mother of Jerald Tan (2B, 2017)

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    It is heartening to see Josh enjoying learning in school and coming home daily with a big smile on his face!

    Many thanks to teachers and friends for adding so much fun to his P1 learning journey!

    ~Mrs Gin Tan, mother of Josh Tan (1B, 2017)

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    ~ Mdm Lo Pin Ju, mother of Liang Wei Yu (1B, 2016)

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    The Microbits session was interesting and I enjoyed it so much. It is a rare opportunity for parents to workout something with their child/children in a classroom setup. Due to time constraints, parents didn't get a chance to showcase their projects to the children at the end of the session as planned. It will be helpful if handouts with step-by-step guides where given to the parents for reference.

    Thanks for organising the Microbits session. Hopefully there will be more bonding sessions for parents to participate in the future.

    ~Carolina Ding, parent of Daniel & Matthew Gibbs (2A, 2017)

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    We were delighted that the school has organised the ICT Microbit program with parental involvement. Participating in our son’s classroom activity was a special bonding time not only with him but also with the school. The practical aspect of problem solving and creative thinking to build a calculator using microbit and drink carton was intriguing. Waterway Primary School has a holistic approach to learning not just from textbooks. The school has innovative programs (Lego We-Do and Mindstorm)to prepare students for jobs that may not exist yet due to technology disruption ... very forward look!

    ~Father of Gabriel Maximus Koh (2E, 2017)

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    Although Mingyuan has briefed me on what he had learned in his class before I went to the Microbits workshop. I still happy to see that he can finish almost the whole process by himself just with a little assistance from me on one or two manual steps. The workshop really a good way for us to discover our children's progress. I found this curriculum is able to encourage the students' self confidence in a easy and enjoyable way when they completed their masterpiece independently.

    ~Mother of Andrew (2D, 2017)

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    We are impressed by the care given to our child by teachers of Waterway Primary School. All the staff and teachers are indeed commendable. Although it is a new school and was not in high demand during our registration, we're sure we had made the right choice.

    ~Mrs Jasmine Chong, mother of Chong Zhi Han (1J, 2018)

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    My daughter, Sek Yen, felt uneasy and insecure during the start of her P1 journey at Waterway Primary. With all the teachers’ help and concern, she is now more independent and is happy to go to school every day. Thanks to all teachers for your effort and I am happy that I have made a wise decision to let Sek Yen enrol in Waterway Primary School.
    ~Parent of Leong Sek Yen (1B, 2017)

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    Ryne has been enjoying school so far, thanks to the wonderful teachers and friends. He is learning well in a secure and happy environment in school.

    Thank you, Waterway Primary School!
    ~Parent of Ryne (1B, 2017)

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    Parents of Vaiga

    Joining a new school in the middle of an academic year can be a taunting experience for a child. As parents, we were also apprehensive in the beginning. But soon after our daughter joined Primary 2 in Waterway Primary School, our anxiety was proven wrong. With the help of kind, understanding and efficient teachers in this school, she managed to cope with the new curriculum and environment quickly. Activities conducted in the school are interesting and stimulating and every single detail is aptly communicated.

    We are grateful to the staff of this school, especially my daughter's form teacher, Mrs Yap, who is simply exceptional!
    Nipu & Anima, parents of Vaiga (2E, 2017)

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    We are incredibly blessed to have our daughters attending Waterway Primary School. As soon as you enter Waterway Primary School each day, you are greeted by such friendly, engaging and nurturing educators. They take the time to know each child and their families so that everyone – the children and the parents – is comfortable! Waterway Primary School helps students adapt to a different learning and requirement system, always ready to help the child overcome the hardships of the learning process as well as create conditions that help improve oneself, enabling students to participate not only in school, but also in other projects.

    Through the staff’s guidance and structured activities, we have watched our children’s confidence grow and important social skills that they will need in particular developed, as they progress through schooling life.

    Children are treated, without exception, with kindness and respect. Each child is made to feel so valued and important. As a parent, I have always found the lines of communication between the staff at Waterway Primary School and myself open at all times.

    We cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience they have provided for our children.

    ~Mrs Janesse Yeong, mother of Yeong Zhing Wen (2D, 2017) & Yeong Zhing En (1A, 2017)

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    Abigail enjoys school and the online websites that the school introduced to its students. I think it’s a good platform to let them learn and play at the same time instead of playing normal computer games with no value-addedness.

    Abigail enjoys her dance and music classes during PAL. It is a good way to expose the students to different styles of dance and types of instruments.

    I am glad that she also had a chance to perform on stage during the school’s opening ceremony. It was a good learning experience for her to work with her friends as a team to coordinate their dance steps.

    She had the chance to be a recess buddy to the new batch of P1 students this year. I feel this really helped the children to mature as they had to learn how to take care of the younger ones and teach them how to order food etc. By translating what they have learnt into action, it reiterated the importance of those teachings.

    I am grateful that she is learning so much in school and that she has a chance to be a part of these programmes which I feel will help groom her personality in one way or another.

    ~Ms Hannah Lim, mother of Abigail Tan (2A, 2018)

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    Kenzo shared with us about his experience being a Recess Buddy to his younger P1 schoolmates: Kaegan, Mu Yu and Hiroki (all are from Class 1-I). He accompanied them throughout recess time. He helped them to feel safer, supported and settled in a new environment on the first few days of primary school life. He assisted them on the simple procedure of buying food and drinks from the school canteen. He also showed them how to return the used bowl and cutlery when they had finished their meal. At the end of the programme, Kenzo felt very accomplished and happy that he could make a difference to others’ days.

    As parents, we feel that this Recess Buddy Programme gives a wonderful opportunity for the students to practise the important values of respect, care, responsibility, empathy, compassion and most importantly, friendship. The Recess Buddy Programme enables younger children to feel safe and cared for while older children feel valued and respected.

    ~Mr & Mrs Chai, parents of Kenzo Chai (2F, 2018)

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    Khloe looks forward to go to school every day. She loves the Mass Walk and Mass Dance conducted every Friday. There was also a Theatre Experience for the Orators programme which she enjoyed. She was also excited to be selected as Class Monitor for this term and she would talk about her responsibilities and roles.

    We are glad to see the potential and leadership in her through the guidance and encouragement from the teachers, especially her form teacher Ms Kang, co-form teacher Mr Benjamin and Mother Tongue teacher Mdm Chang.

    Thank you for the patience, dedication and nurturing.

    ~Parents of Khloe Pok (1H, 2018)

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    We are pleased that Tristan enjoys his school. He looks forward to school every day.
    He mentioned to me that he likes all his lessons, especially Robotics class.

    Every lesson, he learns new things. When he comes back from school, he will happily tell me what he has learned.

    As parents, we are glad that we are informed and updated on SNAC about events and receive updates of our child's activities.

    ~Brenda, mother of Tristan Goh (1H, 2018)

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    We like the school’s strong emphasis on students’ character building as we have noticed that Jayden has significantly improved in his confidence and has more initiative in offering help to others in need.

    Jayden liked the Recess Buddy Programme which he was involved in this year. He was very happy that he was able to help his juniors familiarise with the school environment.

    Jayden always looks forward to the PE classes conducted by Mr. Jan. His classes are always fun and interesting and the students really love them!

    ~Cindy Mok, mother of Jayden Mok (2D, 2018)

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    The SwimSafer programme has enhanced my girl's water confidence and swimming abilities, thus she is now able to swim longer and faster. From my personal observation during the few sessions while I was there, I found the instructors to be professional, friendly and extremely patient. The school also ensured that there were enough teachers and parent volunteers around to keep a close watch on the children, which helps put all the parents at ease.

    ~Esther Tan, mother of Emily Soh (3D, 2018)

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    Five months sped by. It felt like yesterday when Luke took his first step of his journey for primary education. We wanted Luke to be in a nurturing environment where he can grow intellectually, socially and most importantly, morally. Collectively, we decided on Waterway Primary School as Mrs Wee's philosophy and direction for the school was a perfect match to what we wanted for Luke.

    Throughout his preschool education, Luke had little to share as nothing seemed to thrill him. Since he attended Waterway Primary School, he has lots to share; from his pre-assembly talks, interesting conversations with his teachers and peers, Toastmasters Programme, to the fortnightly Mass Walk which he always looks forward to. He would go on and on throughout our journey home. And he often surprises me with quizzes made from the general knowledge he learned from school.

    Recently, I started volunteering at the school for their pre-assembly Reading Programme and Toastmasters Programme. I had the opportunity to work directly with the school teachers to help students in need. I witnessed the team's dedication and their very organised efforts in working these programmes towards success.

    We are blessed to have such a dedicated team at Waterway Primary School as partners in Luke's primary education.

    PS: Mark and I would like to give special thanks to the team of teachers working with class P1B, especially Mdm Wun and Ms Seah. Luke simply adores you! Thank you for your love, patience, commitment, humour, and the list goes on.

    ~ Mrs Patricia Theseira, mother of Theseira Luke Markus (1B, 2016)

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    I would like to start with a big thank you to the whole teaching staff of Waterway Primary School for such great effort they have put in for the first 5 months of school. It also gives me a great sense of satisfaction that my son is in great hands. It’s even more satisfying when I see various programmes in their curriculum in action.

    I regularly volunteer for programmes like the Mass Walk, English Reading programme and others but what I am most impressed with is the Toastmasters programme. This programme has been designed to bring out the natural creativity of young minds and gives them the ability to express themselves on any given topic. The laser sharp focus and attention of teachers here for each and every individual takes the learning experience to a whole new level.

    I congratulate the whole teaching staff here for a great start and wish that they continue the great momentum.

    ~ Mrs Roopali Sharma, mother of Sharma Lavakshaya (1A, 2016)

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    It’s been 14+ months that we have engaged with Waterway Primary School. We have been very impressed with the school's curriculum like the introduction to computers in ICT classes, Robotics, speech & drama & public speaking. This shows that the school is committed to the overall development of the children and not just on academics. The teaching staff, especially Mrs Lu, is exemplary.

    Being a teacher myself in my early days, I can testify that their dedication and commitment towards the overall improvement of the students is their prime focus, which is really amazing. I am very pleased that my son is in very capable hands who can help mould his future in a right way.

    ~Mrs Roopali Sharma, mother of Sharma Lavakshaya (2A, 2017)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    Entering P1 is an important milestone for every child and their parents. We wanted to look for a school that would let Eldon continue his learning journey in building up his character so he will grow up with sound values and be a confident person doing what it is good and right. We were also looking for a school that he would be able to cope in as we knew he would be the youngest in his level, being born on 1st January. That is what Waterway Primary has provided for Eldon!

    Many parents whom I meet ask me why I've chosen Waterway Primary instead of the school near my home in Hougang. I would reply them that although Waterway Primary is new, I like the student-teacher ratio where the teacher would have more time to interact with each child. I believed that the school would have an experienced principal and teachers in order to make their beliefs and vision work. The teachers would also be more innovative to come up with new ideas of teaching for the kids to learn. You don’t always get a chance to have your child in a pioneer batch of students!

    Waterway Primary provides a wonderful and nurturing environment with approachable and friendly staff. It also has a good focus on academic achievement. Every day, after school on our way home, Eldon would share what he has learnt and the happenings at school with all of us in his family.

    I think being a Parent Volunteer and actively participating in school activities is a great way to show my son that I care about his well-being. I enjoy meeting like-minded parents at various events. The Toastmasters programme is what captures my attention the most because public speaking is a very essential life skill in the future in whatever we do. In the Toastmasters class, every child is encouraged to present prepared speeches to their classmates. Every child also has the chance to voice their views and give words of encouragement to their classmates. While volunteering, I once heard Mr Wong, the Toastmasters teacher, say this to the children: "In life, it is not always that what most people have chosen is right and what few people have chosen is wrong. Children, you must learn to think for yourself what is right and not just follow others." He said this to the children after he had asked a question and some kids, without hesitation, raised their hands to show their answers while others, who had no answer of their own, just decided to follow the majority. When I heard that, I thought that yes, they might be young P1 pupils, but it is very important for them to know what is right and wrong in life.

    After half a year at Waterway Primary, Eldon now has more confidence and is very positive about learning. At Waterway Primary, teacher communication is exceptionally good. I have never felt that my questions or concerns are a problem. We are extremely happy that we’ve chosen Waterway Primary and look forward to the coming school terms.

    P.S. Thank you, Mrs Yap and teachers of 1E, for creating such a welcoming and warm learning environment. Special thanks to Mrs Yap, too, for keeping us updated through Whatsapp and sending the STELLAR book to our house after your working hours.

    ~ Mrs Sylvie Wong, mother of Eldon Wong (1E, 2016)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    Though Waterway Primary was not my first choice of school for Jaden, I am glad God has an even better plan for him. He enjoys going to school every day and will fill me in with little details on what he did in school.

    I am especially fond of the Good Morning School Programme where teachers share on current affairs and conduct quizzes. The children get to learn and gain extra knowledge, and because of the introduction of the Football Programme, Jaden gets to participate in a healthy activity weekly. He really looks forward to it every Saturday.

    As a parent, I will be anxious to know how he is doing in school. For this, I really appreciate Mrs Yap for keeping me updated and always going the extra mile. Thanks to Mrs Lee too, Jaden found his love for Maths.

    All in all, I know my son is in good hands and I do not have to worry. Thumbs up to all staff in Waterway Primary.

    ~Mrs Tan, mother of Jaden Tan (2E, 2017)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    To start with, I would like to congratulate the management and the teaching staff of Waterway Primary School for running the school so professionally and efficiently in the very first year of its inception.

    Initially, I was a little worried for my daughter when she was admitted into Waterway Primary School, but after 6 months, I feel relieved and satisfied to see her progress and to know that my daughter is in able hands. It’s a pleasing sight to see her excited about school every morning.

    The school has a good balance of studies and other activities. Apart from enriching classroom lessons, there are many interesting and unique programmes like the Toastmasters programme, the Morning Reading programme, the Mass Walk, Assembly activities etc.

    A great thanks to all the teachers and entire staff of Waterway Primary School for a great start!

    ~ Mrs. Swati Jain, mother of Kaashvi Jain (1C, 2016)

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    We were delighted when the school introduced the SwimSafer Programme as part of my child’s Primary Three curriculum. Prior to the programme, my child did not know how to swim. By the end of the short 8-week programme, her confidence in water has grown by leaps and bounds.

    We thank the school for giving my child this golden opportunity to pick up such an important life skill.

    ~Mrs Wong Shin Min, mother of Zoelle Wong (3A, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    My daughter loves the water but has never attended any formal swimming lessons. The school’s Modular CCA (MCCA) - SwimSafer programme provides a good platform for my child to acquire the important swimming skills, allowing her to swim with proper strokes and techniques. 

    The swimming coach who’s teaching her at the Beginner Level is patient, friendly and wonderful with children. My daughter looks forward to her fun and exciting swimming lesson every week. She has developed much confidence in water and a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle through this programme.

    ~Mrs Wee, mother of Wee Shao Lew (3E, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    As a parent volunteer for the SwimSafer programme in the past 2 terms, I was able to witness the children’s JOY when learning beyond the school compound during school hours. The children are out of the usual routine, which they look forward to. For those who fear water, within a short time and with peer encouragement, they go from fearing water to being able to swim with freedom and enjoyment. It's a great milestone for them. As for those who already know how to swim, they get to learn the skill together with their classmates, discovering each other’s strengths. They share lots of crazy moments when the teachers are in a more relaxed environment. As we keep a lookout for their safety, we are able to witness the carefree moments as they splash and kick away in the pool, burning away the youthful energy which never seem to run low. 

    ~Mrs Sylvie Wong, mother of Eldon Wong (3D, 2018)

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    My son, Jayden, has gained more confidence and has learnt many skills. He enjoyed the activities over the past few months, especially the PAL Robotics programme. He enriched himself and showed interest in it.

    ~Mrs Seah, mother of Jayden Seah (1H, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teaching and non-teaching staff of Waterway Primary School who have been helping my son, Roshan V.R. of 2A, to nurture his dreams.

    Waterway Primary School helps every parent in getting updates about the day-to-day activities and happenings in the school through the school website. The school website enriches all parents with the knowledge about various aspects of the curriculum, like Robotics, Orators, ICT, Music, PE, as well as upcoming events. The videos uploaded help parents to know about the past and latest events and programmes in the school, which help us to keep ourselves updated about our children's progress. The website makes all parents comfortable in knowing about every single happening in the school.

    Hence, I will surely say that Waterway Primary School is a pride to not only me but for each and every parent whose child is enrolled in the school.

    ~Mrs Lakshmi Priya, mother of Roshan (2A, 2017)

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    MR & MRS YEO

    My son used to show a lack of confidence in communicating with others. Through the Orators programme, great improvements are being observed. We are truly impressed with the commitment and encouragement from his form teacher, Mrs Wong, towards Titus’ drastic improvement. On various occasions, when we needed some advice, she replied our messages despite it being after working hours.

    While academic results are important, we also believe that building a child’s self-confidence will award him with greater long-term benefits.

    ~Mr & Mrs Yeo, parents of Titus Yeo (2F, 2018)

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    MR & MRS YEO

    Our learning journey started way before we stepped into the school for the first time. We learnt that Waterway Primary School is a very new school with a few P3 classes. We learnt that there were more popular schools, with good track records, in Punggol that many P1 parents sought after. Despite being a new and "young" school, the school is filled with excellent reviews primarily on the teaching staff and curriculum (e.g Orators programme).

    The school proved its mark as our daughter entered P1. There are constant updates from the school and teachers through the SNAC and ClassDojo apps on her progress and the expectations.

    Our daughter is always full of praises about her form teacher, Miss Low, for being kind and patient. Miss Low has also become one of our daughter's recess buddies who will chat and share during her breakfast. We appreciate it!

    ~Mr and Mrs Yeo, parents of Yeo Zhi Ting (1G, 2018)

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    Thus far, we have noticed positive changes in our child as the co-curricular activities have enhanced her to think and ask questions. 

    Lately, she is interested in Robotics as she seems to have an inclination towards Science.

    Waterway Primary School, being a new school in the neighbourhood with new and fresh faculty, knowledge “impostment” on young minds have made my daughter think and ask questions.

    Most of the other parents also have very positive feedback for this school which Anushka is part of.

    We are very glad and thankful for having her taught not just in academics but also PAL too.

    We look forward to have her in Robotics from P3, hopefully.

    ~Mr & Mrs Vijaya Kumar, parents of Anushka (2C, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse

    MR & MRS TAN

    Everett enjoyed the Dash and Dot lessons as well as the Lego lessons conducted during Robotics. He learnt how to make robots move using different commands. He also had fun doing the Trash Bag Shelter Activity during outdoor education lessons. He learnt how a trash bag can be used as a shelter.

    For the Orators lessons, he learnt how to make presentations and gained more confidence in the process. During the Recess Buddy Programme, Everett made new younger friends and also guided them during recess.

    Overall, my boy has thoroughly enjoyed the activities organised by the school. Thanks!

    ~Mr & Mrs Tan, parents of Everett Tan (2F, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse

    MR & MRS SIM

    I personally think that it is good to have activities like Sports and Games which will allow children to participate in Physical Education and interact with other kids. For Mass Walk, it allows the children to learn more about the environment and things about nature etc. The Theatre Experience also allows children to explore more on musicals and its settings which is an excellent exposure for them. With all the above stated, Waterway Primary School has certainly exposed the children to many new, exciting experiences and has made their learning and education fun.

    ~Mr and Mrs Sim, parents of Casius Sim Ngak Yang (1J, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse

    MR & MRS SAW

    We are happy as parents as my child enjoys going to school and is making good progress in school. He was especially excited to be involved in the school’s opening ceremony. This represented an important milestone for the school and we were extremely proud of Jaedee to be picked as one of the main cast. He has learnt so much through this experience and as parents, it was extremely satisfying to see our son being motivated for everything that he does. This is a school of our choice, with very capable and very responsible teachers as we have observed. We firmly believe that we have made the most correct decision to enrol our son in this school.

    ~Mr & Mrs Saw, parents of Jaedee Saw (2F, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    Sarah has always shown interest and enthusiasm in swimming. But due to a lack of swimming and water survival skills, she's deprived of a fun and safe swim. We're glad and relieved that Sarah got the opportunity to join the SwimSafer Programme. It teaches children to be safe in water and equips them with appropriate swimming and water survival skills. So far, Sarah has learnt Stage 1 techniques like forward and backward movements, entering and exiting the pool safely and has been introduced to personal water survival skills. Thankfully, she's able to keep up with the lessons and adhere to the instructor's rules and instructions. We hope that through SwimSafer, Sarah will gain confidence and develop independence in the water, with increased awareness in general and deepened water safety.

    ~Mr & Mrs Ridhwan, parents of Sarah Qistina (3E, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse

    MR & MRS NG

    I am pleased to witness the positive progress of my son, Isaac Ng, in Waterway Primary School. Isaac is happily attending school every day. I am glad to know that the school has developed good programmes to provide students with roles, such as being a Recess Buddy and being a demonstrator during the school’s opening ceremony. These opportunities allowed Isaac to learn and demonstrate care, teamwork and responsibility. Thanks for the good work and please keep it up.

    ~Mr and Mrs Ng, parents of Isaac Ng (2F, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    Waterway Primary School is located near the lush Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, which allows the school to conduct weekly Mass Walks for its students to simulate ‘Forest Bathing’ (shinrin-yoku).

    The teachers are not only young and creatively energetic, they also carry a wealth of nurturing experience with them.

    This 3-year-old school implements practical and relevant programmes like Robotics & Coding, Orators, Swimming, etc.

    Most important of all, the entire Teaching and Operation staff are not afraid to try new ideas, quick to update statuses and brave to continuously improve themselves.

    ~Mr and Mrs Daniel Seah, parents of Janelle Seah (1I, 2018)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    Dear Teachers,

    We give our appreciation to your great efforts in teaching both Yemima (P3) and Sean (P1).

    The current programmes designed by the school are able to expose our children to new experiences. Yemima enjoyed the Dance CCA and the outdoor visit to the Botanic Gardens. Sean enjoyed the outdoor activities like Mass Walk and Theatre Experience. Thanks again and we look forward to more interesting programmes in the near future. Thumbs up!

    ~Mr and Mrs Cheng, parents of Yemima (3B, 2018) and Sean (1J, 2018)

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    Getting your child into a good primary school remains a preoccupation for all of us but we are blessed that we managed to get admission in Waterway Primary School, which was totally new and raw in town. We were worried and hoped things would go well for the school but once the session started, it was with a bang and within a few months, we realized that we had taken the correct decision for our child. Waterway Primary School had become the talk of the town and had come forward as one of the best schools in the area.

    We, as parents, have always wanted a curriculum that is child-led and play-based, which is what school is about. For a student, all the subjects need to be learned along with some co-curricular activities. That is what Waterway Primary School does. Now my son is in Primary Three and has gotten an opportunity to be part of the Basketball CCA. My son is learning the basics of the game under the guidance of a fantastic and energetic coach, Mr Roy, who patiently trains the students and tries to keep them fit and active. We are very thankful to the coach and the school for making my son a strong individual with a strong vision. Now my son desperately wants to represent Waterway Primary School as a player of a winning basketball team.

    Also, sometimes we ignore the fact that Literature is equally important as it can be enriching and gives us great knowledge. Because of all of Mrs Clarissa Han’s efforts and effective teaching as a Literature teacher, my son loves to explore the facts and ideologies with an ethical standpoint, which really helps him grow to become a great individual with strong viewpoints.

    Last but not the least, we are truly grateful to all the Primary 1 and 2 teachers who have given my son a strong foundation, specially Mrs Serene Tan, whose high standards of precision and perfection as well as her eye for detail has help my son to come out as a better individual. 

    All the teachers and the principal are the pillars that stand strong, making Waterway Primary School an extension for your home. 

    That's why we highly recommend Waterway Primary School. It has been truly enriching for all of us.

    ~Mr Lalit Kumar, father of Aanish Chaudhary (3A, 2018)

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    Our daughter, Caitlin, really enjoys going to school. It’s something she looks forward to every week. She likes all the classes and programmes offered by the school -- especially Robotics, Music, Math and English. As parents, we are very glad that the school is offering a wide array of curriculum/programmes that challenge and hone the child’s creativity, critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills. Being a relatively new school, Waterway Primary school has met and, in fact, exceeded our expectations. Kudos and keep up the good work, teachers and management team!

    ~Mr & Mrs Balaquiot, parents of Caitlin Balaquiot (1H, 2018)

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    We are happy to enrol our daughter, Toshini Pasam, in Waterway Primary School. We like the way we are getting updates from the school through SNAC, the school website and through Whatsapp from the class teacher, Ms Kang. Pretty much happy about the daily fruit break in class. My daughter enjoys the classes, especially in Orators, Art, Music, Robotics, Mass Walk, PE and also the Theatre Experience. She is happily enjoying school and sharing the moments with our family. She’s waiting for her little brother, who is now in nursery, to join WWPS. During dismissal, I like the way the teachers patiently send the kids safely to the hands of parents/caretakers. During the Parent-Teacher meeting, my daughter was awarded the ‘Great Artist’ certificate. She is greatly encouraged by it.

    ~Mother of Toshini Pasam (1H, 2018)

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    Waterway Primary School has excellent communication between the school and the parents. We are always receiving prompt updates of Jayden’s progress and activities in school.

    We really appreciate the school constantly engaging the parents in the school events such as Teachers’ Day and Open House. This has built up strong school bonding, not only for the children but for the parents as well.

    We also like the school’s strong emphasis in student character building as we have noticed that Jayden has significantly improved in his confidence and he has more initiative in offering help to others in need.

    Personally, I am very happy to be involved as a parent volunteer to help with the school personnel on events and projects that provide so much joy to the students.

    Well done to the teachers!

    ~Mdm Cindy Lim, mother of Jayden Mok (2D, 2018)

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    MR NG

    Being typical Singaporeans, my wife and I wanted our child to be in a school that doesn't just allow him to develop academically but in other aspects as well. We weren't looking for just pen to paper grades, but something more practical and hands-on. Character building to us is just as important as the academic part of school life. Being Kind, Inclusive, Sharing and Supportive are some important qualities in a person. Of course, being in an Asian society, having the confidence to speak confidently will always be an asset in future.

    Waterway Primary is a choice made right. Besides the every day syllabus which the teachers diligently teach, Waterway Pri has distinctive programmes that mould our child with the right values. 

    Programme for Active Learning (PAL) offers Robotics this term, a practical and hands-on way of learning. 

    Orators@Waterway has made him more vocal about public speaking and presentation as well. Orators also has a 'Bucket Filling Activity' that cultivates kindness, 'Care & Share' qualities and of course being gracious.

    The Value-In-Action (VIA) programme for P2 is the Recess Buddy Programme where a P2 student will buddy a P1 student during recess, helping him/her integrate into the primary school setting. This promotes Inclusiveness and, of course, giving support to newcomers and making them feel welcomed.

    Through all of the above, I see a boy who enjoys going to school and looks forward to hands-on activities (PAL). He also looks forward to filling his friends' bucket with kindness and more, speaking more confidently at the same time (Orators) of course.

    He enjoys helping new friends settle in, making sure they are happy in Waterway Primary. We are confident with the various programmes offered by Waterway Primary setting the base for our child, he will grow to be a person with the right values in life.

    ~Mr Ng, parent of Lionel Ng (2C, 2018)

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    It’s a joy to drop off Saesha at school every single day as I can sense the positive energy starting with the vibrant welcome and smile by the gatekeepers and the teachers passing by at those times.

    The school truly lives by their values and mission. I’m amazed at the well-structured curriculum as it not only focuses on pure academics but also places huge importance on ‘soft skills’ which will prepare Saesha to face the world outside of school with great confidence. A big shout out to two of my favourite programmes: Orators & Robotics. With the growing importance of public speaking and the effectiveness of coding in today’s world, it’s reassuring to see my daughter in good hands of the school which is indeed fostering a holistic education for her.

    The school also opens up other avenues of communication with my daughter through the ‘Good Morning School’ sessions. Personally, I’m fascinated when Saesha starts up a conversation around current affairs and actuality with me. It humours me when Saesha, at times, beats me to the news.

    The school encourages a two-way communication for the betterment of the child, and has opened up different channels for parents to collaborate with the school and teachers in a more effective manner.
    I have great appreciation and admiration for Waterway Primary School. I look forward to the continued partnership to ensure a fun & fruitful learning experience for Saesha!

    ~Ms Kiran Moryani, mother of Saesha Ramkhelawon (1I, 2018)

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    Initially, I chose Waterway Primary School because the location is near to my mum's residence. 

    My initial experience with the school was amazing. During the opening of the school, the Principal and Vice Principal were standing near the school entrance as well as the porch welcoming the students and parents. 

    I must say the school has teachers with vast teaching experiences and they guided my daughter well. Now she can do her homework independently without much supervision or reminder. 

    I would like to thank Mrs Tan and the rest of the subject teachers who have been patient and provided guidance to Zi Lin on her academic progression. 

    I would also like to salute our unsung heroes, the school’s Operation and Admin Managers, as well as the security officers who are at the school gates to ensure the smooth operation, traffic movement and safety of the students and parents. 

    Thank you!! 

    ~Mr Loh Jun Jia, father of Loh Zi Lin (2D, 2017)

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    We had enrolled Kyle in another school near our home but in Dec 2015 (2 weeks before school started), we transferred him to Waterway Primary School. We had no idea how things would turn out then. We were afraid that Kyle would take a long time to adapt to the new school but we were wrong. Thanks to the pioneer team of teachers, he adapted very well to his new school.

    We are glad we have chosen Waterway Primary for not many schools will have weekly walks to the park during PE lessons. Kyle enjoyed the mass walk to the park and would share with us what he saw along the way. In addition to this, the Orators programme gave Kyle opportunities to speak up and he has grown much more confident over time.

    We are especially grateful to Kyle’s P1 teachers, Ms Yeo and Ms Tang. Ms Yeo was Kyle’s Form Teacher and taught him EL and Math. She understood the anxieties of the parents. She would occasionally text to update us on Kyle’s performance in class. Kyle enjoyed her lessons and we could see him blossom under her guidance. To Kyle, Ms Yeo is a very patient teacher who never scolds anyone. To us, Ms Yeo is someone who genuinely cares for her pupils. As for Ms Tang, she had made learning CL so fun and interesting that Kyle really feel in love with the language.

    In a few months’ time, Kyle will be promoted to P3. New challenges await him. We trust that he will be in good hands, and hope that the school will keep up the good work.

    ~Mdm Chew Kim Kee, mother of Kyle Tan (2C, 2017)

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    Even though Waterway Primary School is a new school, the teachers are dedicated and professional. Other than making sure that all students have the opportunities to showcase their individual talent on different platforms, the teachers care about the emotional aspect of the students as well. We are very thankful that the emotional well-being of the students are being taken care of during their learning journey with Waterway Primary School. This would definitely have a great impact on their character development moving forward.

    Thank you, Waterway Primary School and Mrs Tan, for all the efforts.

    ~Mdm Lee Lay Ling, mother of Lim Yi En (2D, 2017)

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     Waterway Primary School is a unique playground for Chloe. She is happy and looks forward to go to ‘play’ every day.

    In P1 last year, she had Toastmasters in her curriculum every week which provided opportunities for her to lead the school for Morning Assembly. She also had the chance to introduce the school facilities to the public during Open House.

    As for this year, the school paired P2 students with the P1 students for the Recess Buddy programme. Chloe also participated in the “Our Punggol Waterway” Pocket Trips app project.

    Chloe’s learning journey in Waterway Primary School has been a very fulfilling, enriching and fun experience together with her teachers and peers.

    ~Mdm Ho Puay Hwa, mother of Chloe Goh (2A, 2017)


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    Fawzan was my first child to attend primary school. It wasn’t easy. The teachers had helped me out. They provided continuous updates of Fawzan so that we can continuously monitor him. The school also have awards that are very rewarding and beneficial to the students. My son has gotten the Model Pupil Award and I can say that he has improved tremendously. The school recognises the students and this makes Waterway Primary a respectable school. Thank you.

    ~Mdm Shahida, mother of Fawzan (1G, 2017)

  • Keyboard and Mouse



    ~Mdm Wong Lee Fei, mother of Ng Zhi Bing (2D, 2017)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    The school term for 2017 is coming to a close and I would like to take this time to thank the school for having a team of wonderful teachers here at Waterway Primary School.

    I had transferred my son from an international school to a local school and I was initially apprehensive whether he would adapt well to the new environment. I am happy to see that he has started loving the school and is enjoying every bit of it. The school keeps kids engaged not only in studies but also with other physical and mental activities for their overall development.

    The teachers are very encouraging and patient with the kids and I would like to especially thank Mrs. Wong. She is so polite and understanding. She also encourages positive behaviour when students interact with one another.

    The school has introduced online learning with the use of platforms like KooBits and MC Online, which is exemplary. It allows the pupils to learn in innovative ways and make learning more interesting for them.

    Congratulations to Waterway Primary School for a great year and I wish the school many more successes in future years to come.

    ~Mdm Varsha Aggarwal, mother of Darsh Goel (1F, 2017)

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    Waterway Primary School believes in and follows the rising path for the students. [RISE - Responsibility, Integrity, Self-discipline & Empathy]

    Even though expressing appreciation for the teachers and the school is welcomed all year round, as the school year comes to a close, I want to take a moment to say thanks to all the teachers, staff and students too. You have done your best to keep our child safe and happy. When my son started school, this day seemed so far away. Now, it’s here, and I can’t believe that time has passed so quickly and so beautifully.

    *Mrs Tan, my son sees you as the kind of person he is proud to call his teacher. You have made a big difference in his life. Every day, you come to school with a smile and kind words and give our kids much needed advice.*

    Thanks to the school for letting us parents be a part of many unforgettable events as volunteers. Along with our kids, we parents have also learnt a lot from Waterway Primary School.

    Thanks to all the teachers and staff for being so warm and affectionate. To the world, you may be just a teacher but to your students, you are a star.

    ~Mrs Nidhi Chaudhary, mother of Aanish Chaudhary (2D, 2017)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    I am very happy and satisfied with this school. There is a very good curriculum. They engage the students in every activity and advance their pupils’ learning with social skills and exercise.

    My son is very happy in this school. Even though it is a bit far from my house, he does not want to miss this school.

    The school website, SNAC, ClassDojo, and MC Online have all been very helpful for the communication of internal and external messages and events. It is very good that the website allows us to learn about all the events that are happening in the school. All the school events are very nice. I am really wondering how the teachers are able to spend time organising each and every activity in the school.

    I just want to say a big thank you to everyone for the dance performance on National Day. It was fantastic! As a parent, it was wonderful to see my son performing on the stage and really enjoying the experience.

    ~Mrs Swathi, mother of Yedlapalli Lakshmi Abhiram (2D, 2017)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    As parents, we are extremely happy with the highly talented and dedicated teachers, friendly support staff, and very passionate school management at Waterway Primary School. The school has been a platform for learning, fun and imbibing good values in our children. Thanks.

    ~Jigna & Bhavin, parents of Dheer Sanghvi & Dhara Sanghvi (2B, 2017)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    My daughter, Rebecca, has developed in so many ways. She has gained more confidence and has learnt many skills. She looks forward to school every day. She has lots of fun while developing her academic abilities and social responsibilities. The school’s approach in encouraging the children to eat fruits for their Fruit Break shows the school’s concern for the students’ health. Activities like Mass Walk also promote a healthy lifestyle.

    Overall, I am very happy with my child’s progress in Waterway Primary School.
    Thank you to all the teachers for taking the time and effort to share their knowledge.

    ~Analiza Diaz, mother of Rebecca Anisha Diaz Dorairajoo (1A, 2017)

  • Keyboard and Mouse


    I appreciate the effort of the teachers at Waterway Primary School, especially the form teacher of my daughter, Mrs Lu Li Ting. She follows up with the homework and activities in school, hence allowing us parents to be aware of what is needed for our children.

    The videos and photographs of events and activities (e.g. Sports Day and festival celebrations) posted on the school website allow us parents to be aware of happenings in school.

    Thank you once again for the effort!

    ~Mr Calvin Lo, father of Jershyne Lo (2A, 2017)

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    It has been a wonderful 2 years in Waterway Primary School and I can see that the teachers and other support staff are doing their best to bring this school among the ranks. We have been very impressed with the school curriculum so far. The teachers bring in lots of attention to their work and it shows in the children's results. There is ample focus on the children's overall development.

    We typically like everything that the school does for my child but we kind of like the below points as our top 3:

    1. Orators lessons, where the children had the opportunity to talk and I could see the enthusiasm in my son getting selected and having a chance to talk.

    2. Partnership between teachers and parents about the child's development, especially the constant stream of feedback from the teachers

    3. Focus on social skills of the children by involving them in various cultural and social awareness programmes. To name a few: Orators@Waterway (previously Toastmasters@Waterway), festival celebrations and sports events.

    To summarise, we are very happy and satisfied that our child's future is in the best hands.

    ~Mr Himanshu Sharma, father of Lavakshaya Sharma (2A, 2017)

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    I must say first up that I am very pleased that my son is learning basic programming in school at such early age. The session was led very professionally by the ICT instructor and every bit was explained in details. I was amazed how some parents with no programming experience were responding well to the instructions and some kids were teaching their parents too.
    End of the day it was a fun way of learning something very useful and since we were able to carry back home our devices, the fun continued as Lavakshaya and I were able to much more at home after that session.

    So, I would like to say BIG THANK YOU for introducing the students at this young age to programming and I wish to see many more of this!

    ~Himanshu Sharma, father of Lavakshaya Sharma (2A, 2017)

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    Waterway Primary School is our 1st choice of school for Humairah, not because it’s a brand new school but because the school crest caught our attention. The vision and mission is clear, not forgetting the school values that they carry too. The exposure that she has gained from being in the Recess Buddy Programme, PAL and Orators were meaningful. She was not only able to break out of her shyness; she also managed to speak up with confidence during the School Opening Ceremony recently. We believe that WPS will nurture her and other students in terms of academic and also in character.

    ~Parents of Humairah Binte Muhammad Nur Asran (2F, 2018)

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    It has been a very pleasant and meaningful experience for Naifa thus far at Waterway Primary School. Besides the regular curriculum, we love the other engaging programmes organised by the school. From PAL to Orators to the Values-In-Action programmes, there is never a dull moment at Waterway! Thank you teachers for all your hard work! 

    ~Parent of Naifa (2A, 2018)

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    Unlike most parents, we opted for a new primary school set up within our vicinity with the mindset of it being less packed and the surroundings being conducive for our son’s learning. Although we had attended the open house by Oasis Primary School (which was just opposite our block) and missed Waterway Primary’s, the latter was our first choice after assessing the school videos and reviews from the first batch of students.

    We have not regretted our choice. Darrius has been looking forward to go to school since his first day. He could not wait to share his recess encounters with the Primary 2 seniors who had guided him to purchase food during the first few days. We would like to compliment the school for advocating a healthy learning environment with unique programmes such as Mass Walk, Fruit Break and fruits inclusion for canteen food purchase.

    Academically, the school provides the unique Orators programme which has proven to nurture the students in early character development and social confidence. With consistent encouragement from his form teacher, Mrs Quek, Darrius has learnt to be more open and confident in speech and presentation. Other fun and participative activities for him are the Robotics and ICT programmes which develop his systematic and logical learnings.

    The school is always open and accepting towards parents’ comments and feedback as reflected in the P1 parent-teacher meeting. We are thankful for the patience, encouragement and guidance given by Mrs Quek and Miss Chua. Darrius has also been given many opportunities to participate in the flag raising ceremony and National Day 2017 celebration.

    In addition, we really appreciate the school’s arrangement for enrichment lessons such as Chinese Speech & Drama and 3G Abacus. Darrius greatly enjoys them and these have freed up his weekends for other activities!

    Keep it up, Waterway Primary School!

    ~Kelvin and Jess, parents of Wong Ching Yuen Darrius (1D, 2017)

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    We were a bit concerned when we first registered Ethan at Waterway Primary School because it's a brand new school (2 years old to be exact) and there were no track records for the school. However, after close to 1 year, we're glad that Ethan has had a very fulfilling time at Waterway Primary.

    He enjoys his days at school, he likes his teachers, and he enjoys his classes, especially PE. We're also glad that Waterway Primary has unique classes like Orators and Robotics during curriculum time, and extra classes (after school) like Chinese Language enrichment classes and Abacus classes, which we felt added greatly to his overall knowledge.

    Last but not least, we feel that the principal, teachers and administrators are very responsible and we're confident the school will do well, as long as it continuously improves to strive towards excellence.

    ~Malcolm & Lee Shin, parents of Siow Jia Ze (1H, 2017)

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    We attended a couple of schools’ open house a year ago to select the right primary school for my boy, Kedric. He chose Waterway Primary School himself and insisted on studying in this school with the reason that he likes the school after entering it. After some research on the school’s curriculum and the environment, we decided to register him for Waterway Primary School.

    We are impressed with the school’s teaching methods. The school cultivates a fun learning environment and the teachers are caring and loving. The teachers pay utmost attention to the students both academically as well as their character and behaviour.

    The school has inimitable programmes and activities which my son enjoys a lot. Some of these are Orators, Robotics, ICT, and Good Morning School – the daily pre-assembly session in the morning whereby the school shares about current affairs, news, technologies, Geography, etc. My husband and I were awestricken when our son came home and reported the latest news to us. Most of the time, our son is the one who updates us with the news!

    We can feel that our son is very engaged by his friends and teachers in school. He would tell us that he feels sad when it is the school holidays because he would miss his friends and teachers. This shows that he likes to go to school and as such, he will pick up easily through the learning journey.

    Though Waterway Primary School is new, it has achieved beyond what we expected. It is a school we will certainly praise and recommend!

    ~Mdm Josephine Keng, mother of Kedric Khoo (1E, 2017)

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    Even though Waterway Primary is a new school, the programmes they have in place for the school are very innovative. For example, Orators@Waterway (previously called Toastmasters@Waterway) is nurturing our child to be more confident in his public speaking skills.

    The programmes that the school organises for parents are also very useful for us. We get to learn teaching methods for the different subjects our children are facing in school.

    Mrs Tan, the form teacher of our child, is always going the extra mile by updating us about the progress and the weaknesses of our child so that we parents and the school are able to nurture our child to his best potential. We as parents are happy with the development our child has made since joining Waterway Primary last year.

    ~Nur Rizawati, mother of Qaizer Iltifat Bin Hidayat (2D, 2017)

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    Lewis joined Waterway Primary School as one of the pioneer students. As parents, I only wished for him to enjoy himself in his primary school years. But no, I was wrong! Waterway Primary School is not the typical school in the neighbourhood that I expected it to be. Instead, the experiences not only amazed but impressed me!

    Firstly, the vast learning experiences the students were exposed to were really amazing. The school had planned and carried out many activities to make learning enjoyable. “Good Morning School” is one programme which I feel is really informative and great. My son often comes home and shares with me excitedly about it. The students are also exposed to various enrichment programmes/ courses. Robotics and Orators@Waterway were definitely a surprise and bonus to me when I knew that he would be exposed to these programmes. Lewis also signed up for the Math enrichment course (abacus) and Chinese enrichment course (‘Di Zi Gui’). Both programmes were made affordable and they were of great help in strengthening Lewis’ mental calculation and Chinese language over the past 2 years.

    Apart from the great learning experiences, the staff and teachers in Waterway Primary School are indeed commendable. The teachers not only teach to impart knowledge to our children, they also go the extra mile and establish great home-school partnership with parents. I receive timely feedback and updates on my son’s learning progress and it is definitely important for me because I can guide him at home and ensure that he is coping well in school.

    I would like to especially commend Lewis’s form teacher, Mrs Lu. Throughout the year, Mrs Lu has been very supportive and encouraging in nurturing her students to their best potential. She makes lessons fun and is always patient to guide the weaker students. Under her guidance, Lewis has grown to love going to school every day and he has shown increasing interests in his learning. These would not have been possible without Lewis’s teachers’ great guidance. I sincerely thank all the staff and teachers at Waterway Primary School for providing such a great learning experience for her students.

    ~Mdm Seow Hui Yin, mother of Lewis Loo (2A, 2017)

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    Our son has been in Waterway Primary School for 10 months and has made leaps and bounds academically and socially. He is safe, appreciated by his teachers and peers, and feels that all students are equal.

    I can tell that he enjoys school, especially programmes such as "Good Morning School" whereby the teachers share about current affairs and news about the world we live in. He also gets to develop lifelong skills such as public speaking through the Orators programme. There are interesting enrichment programmes such as Speech & Drama too. These GEM (Go the Extra Mile) efforts will shape my son to be a solid learner for life. Thank you.

    ~Aston Chow, father of Jaryl Chow (1H, 2017)

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    I’m very glad I have chosen Waterway Primary School for my eldest son, Kayden, though I was quite skeptical about sending my child to a new school initially.

    The school arranged different classes (English, Mother Tongue, Math, Orators and ICT) for all parents to attend on Parent-Teacher Meeting Day. It was a very good interaction session with the teachers.

    From this session, it not only allowed us to gain a better understanding of what our children are learning, it also gives our children a chance to present their work confidently. Kudos to all teachers!

    I am confident that the school will provide the best for my child.

    ~Mrs Ang Swee Teng, mother of Kayden Ang (2A, 2017)

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    The environment at Waterway Primary School has allowed our son to gain different perspectives by learning alongside his peers and we are impressed by the school’s teaching methods. He enjoys his robotics class and the various school performances have also improved his confidence.

    His form teacher, Mrs Lu, has been very responsible and responsive in providing feedback which enables us to keep abreast of his progress and help him in his weak areas.

    We also appreciate the efforts made by the school in partnering with us to ensure that our child grows not only academically but holistically as well. Thank you to all the staff and teachers at Waterway Primary School!

    ~Mrs Cyrelle Ricafort, mother of John Paul Delante Ricafort (2A, 2017)

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    I absolutely feel blessed to be part of Waterway Primary School. My son is in the first batch of the school. Our association with the school in the past two years have been nothing short of extraordinary. The school offers not just the academics and CCAs but so much more to our children which are not common in Singapore. Our children have exposure to beneficial programmes like Orators, Robotics, Coding, Speech & Drama, etc all in the school premises.

    I am also part of the Parents Support Group. It is a pleasure to join hands with the teachers in school programmes and events. It is a fun as well as great learning opportunity. The school honours our feedback and totally supports our ideas.

    The entire staff of Waterway Primary School is phenomenal. The teachers actually put their heart and soul in each child. We have open channels of communication with the teachers. I feel the entire school, under the dynamic leadership of Mrs Wee, is growing in leaps and bound. I have no hesitation in saying that Waterway Primary School is one of the best schools in Singapore!

    Way to go, Waterway Primary School!

    ~Mrs Karim, mother of Ijtiba (2E, 2017)

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    I like Waterway Primary School. My granddaughter is in the pioneer batch of the school. The teachers are responsible and caring towards all students. My granddaughter needs some extra help academically and the school takes effort to provide her with the support she needs so that she is on par with her peers.

    The school also takes her students’ safety to be of paramount importance. The school ensures it is a safe and conducive environment for learning to take place.

    I appreciate the school for its efforts in supporting the growth of my granddaughter.

    ~Mrs Mandy Lim, grandmother of Arisa Yap (2A, 2017)

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    We wanted Luke to enjoy his primary education journey in a school where he can enjoy learning and yet have fun during his middle childhood. While new schools continue to carry a stigma for many parents, we wanted somewhere refreshing where academics and character development are equally important.

    Waterway Primary School (WAP) was our obvious choice! Mrs Wee’s vision for the school was a perfect match to what we wanted – a holistic education coupled with distinctive programmes such as Orator@Waterway and Literature, while values and good habits are actively advocated in school.

    2 years flew by so fast and Luke will soon be progressing to Primary 3. What impressed us the most were the zest, enthusiasm and commitment shown by the teachers which is bringing out the best in our child. Luke was coping fine in his preschool but never stood out among his friends as he was mostly reserved and would shy away from the limelight. Today, Luke is different. He’s more confident, not just academically but in many different ways. For example, he was never confident in his Chinese language but he’s now a reading buddy for his juniors at the morning’s Chinese Reading Programme. He has also done presentations before the entire school cohort during assembly on a few occasions. He is always ready for new challenges and opportunities!

    We would like to thank every teacher who has taught Luke in the past 2 years. In particular, we want to thank Mdm Wun who has been firm with her guidance yet caring and considerate to ensure Luke’s well-being and growth, and Mr Seah whose humour and style of teaching have heightened Luke’s interest in the Chinese language.

    We are indeed very blessed to have Mrs Wee and her team as partners for Luke’s primary education. Thank you!

    ~Patricia Ong-Theseira, mother of Theseira Luke Markus (2B of 2017)

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    Time flies. It has come to the last term of Primary 1 school life for Jun Quan. We are writing to express our sincere gratitude to Waterway Primary School.

    Special mention goes to Mrs. Wong, the form teacher of 1F who is always very caring, patient and passionate. We know that it’s a challenge handling Jun Quan, but Mrs. Wong continues her inspiring disciplinary approach and takes extra effort to keep us updated on the progress of Jun Quan.

    Next, we would like to extend our appreciation to:

    - 曾老师, the Mother Tongue teacher who is always very dedicated and encouraging. We realised that Jun Quan has shown more interest in Chinese and also progressed well in the Chinese subject.

    - Mr. Wong, the Orators teacher who is always dedicated in planning the lessons and the Speech & Drama programme, which has created a great platform for the pupils to learn to speak with confidence.

    - Mr. Sim, the ICT teacher who is always patient in teaching the pupils how to write their own story, save it, and print it using the computer. The pupils were also taught how to access the e-learning websites.

    Furthermore, we would also like to thank the school for organising some distinctive programmes such as Orators, Good Morning School, Chinese Enrichment course and Robotics. We believe the pupils will benefit a lot from this thoughtful arrangement by the school.

    Last but not least, kudos to the principals Mrs. Wee and Mr. Edwin Hoy, and all the teachers and staff in Waterway Primary School. You guys have done a fantastic job in moulding the future generations. We are truly amazed by you! Thanks!

    ~Jassy & Teck Eng, parents of Hong Jun Quan (1F, 2017)

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    I chose Waterway Primary School for my daughter despite there being a few other choices of school nearer to our home. We made the right choice.

    The school has a great Principal leading a team of dedicated and responsible teachers who treat teaching not as a job but their passion. They focus not just on academic results but also character building.

    Thank you to Anevay's favourite teacher, Mrs Lu, and all teachers in Waterway Primary who have given their dedication to nurturing our child, building a sound foundation in her childhood and filling it with play and creativity. Most importantly, our happy child is looking forward to attending school daily, open to learning, and loving her school environment. We specially love the “Good Morning School" sessions. Many a time, we were caught by surprise that Anevay is very well informed about current affairs.

    There are many definitions and views of a good school. Waterway Primary has definitely set a good example of a good school.

    ~Mr Alson Teo, father of Anevay Teo (2A, 2017)

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    Dear Miss Yeo,

    We are very thankful to you for imparting principles and knowledge to our daughter, Yemima. We continue to pray and will support the school in bringing up our daughter.

    Yemima has learnt to lead and be independent. She has grown and matured as she socialises in school.

    We appreciate your efforts and look forward to P3 for my daughter and P1 for my son, Sean.

    Thanks. Wishing you a blessed day.

    ~Mr Chen Kim How, father of Yemima Putri Cheng (2C, 2017)

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    Waterway Primary School wasn't my first option when selecting a primary school for my twins two years ago. The reasons are simple: it was new, there weren't any reviews about the school, and most importantly, it is far from my place.

    My twins are in Primary 2 this year. I'm happy to share that I have no regrets about putting them in Waterway Primary. This is indeed a very good school. The Distinctive Programmes allow the students to learn while having fun at the same time. My children enjoy going to school every day.

    I would also like to take the opportunity to express my appreciation to their form teacher, Mrs Lu. She is the BEST teacher I've ever met. She always goes the extra miles in helping her students in every way possible. I have been receiving updates from her since the beginning of the year on how my children are doing at school. This is helpful for me to complement the teacher outside of school to focus on their weak areas.

    With a group of dedicated teachers and the leadership of the Principal, Mrs Wee, I am completely confident that my children will have a good education at Waterway Primary.

    ~Mrs Carolina Ding, mother of Daniel Gibbs and Matthew Gibbs (2A, 2017)

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    We initially had our reservations about sending our child to a brand-new primary school as we were not able to find out more about the programmes offered. However, after almost two years, we are glad we had made the decision to send him to Waterway Primary School as the school has developed its own unique programmes that make it stand out from other schools.

    We like the fact the school focuses a lot on character-building and independence as the pioneer batch of students do not have any seniors to look up to. Nurturing values and character-building are extremely important in the early years of a child and we hope the school continues to emphasise these in the years to come.

    We have had pleasant encounters with the teachers who are extremely hands-on and committed to their students. The teachers will not hesitate to update the parents on a regular basis with regard to their child's progress.

    My child often shares about his experiences in school -- the lessons, the teachers, the friends he makes and how he enjoys going to school on a daily basis.

    We wish Waterway Primary School all the best in its journey ahead and may it blossom into a school which nurtures gracious, capable and resilient young people.

    ~Mdm Elina Hassan, mother of Lutfi Dhani (2C, 2017)

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    The teachers in Waterway Primary School provide very good support to my son during his transition time to this school. Their patience and great encouragement towards each student help them to grow in value in every stage.

    Thank you to all the teachers of Class 2E.

    ~Mdm Geraldine Ong, mother of Lexann Ngan (2E, 2017)

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    We thank the teachers for motivating Daniyal ever since he was transferred to Waterway Primary School in Term 4. His studies have been improving and he is always telling us about his work or school. Once again, thank you for guiding, teaching and supporting hi