Interest CCA is conducted after curriculum time for selected students to pursue their specific interests and develop their talents. We have Basketball, Football, Table Tennis, Brass Band, International Dance, Choir, CRIM International Chess ,Cub Scouts and Art Club as our Interest CCA.

Interest CCA


Waterway Primary School Brass Band (WAPBB) aims to be A happy band where bandbees grow and shine!


We provide opportunities for students to learn music by playing an instrument in an ensemble setting. Our CCA offers a broad and holistic educational experience, and builds the foundation for further music-related leisure activity, or even for a career in the music industry. 

The brass band instruments include the trumpet, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba and percussion. Learning to play an instrument requires commitment, time and effort. The BEE is therefore chosen as the band mascot, symbolising fervour, perseverance and teamwork, the distinctive traits of bandbee (band member), rooted in the school values of R.I.S.E.


Activities for bandbees include mastering an instrument, putting up performances (in school and externally), attending concerts and enjoying team building games. Selected students also participate in external band workshops and performances.


There will also be leadership opportunities for WAPBB members to hone their soft skills and develop them into well-rounded individuals.

Creating music as "One Band, One Sound" encourages members to synergise as a team. The band experience will be an integral part of each bandbee’s primary school journey, providing them with skills and friendships which they will carry with them for a long time to come.


Coding and Robotics,
Info-comm and Media (CRIM)

At Waterview Primary, the vision is to prepare our students for the future. One such area is in programming. While the foundations laid out in P1 and P2 PAL robotics, the learning of Computational Thinking Skills (CoTS) does not end there. Students who show potential in coding, robotics or info-comm skills are selected to participate in the CRIM Interest CCA.


These students will be stretched further to develop coding and computational thinking at an advanced level. In the process, we strive to build confidence and skills in our members, bringing out the best in each student.

 In CRIM, students are exposed to various programming languages such as Scratch and Python, which will take them far in life if they choose to pursue programming in the future. During their time in CRIM, they will also combine their programming knowledge with robotic kits such as Lego WeDo, Lego EV3 and microcontrollers like Micro:bits, to expose them to the field of robotics and spark their imagination and passion. Finally, they are exposed to the world of game building where they will build a Smart City using the Minecraft programme to encourage creativity and real-world problem solving.  



Our International Dance CCA aims to inspire passionate dance students and develop their interest and talent in dance.

It is a platform for students to learn various dance genres and styles in not just ethnic, but also contemporary dance such as Hip Hop and Jazz. We aim to provide students with a strong foundation in dance under the guidance of experienced dance instructors and teachers.

Mastering appropriate dance techniques requires plenty of practice, thereby cultivating the school values of Responsibility and Self-discipline in students. To showcase their learning, all dance members will be given opportunities to perform in school as well as external events. Dancers displaying strong ability will further be identified to represent the school in inter-school presentations such as the Singapore Youth Festival.

As with any choreographed dance, students will also need to work closely as a team to showcase their dance, thereby building upon the school values of Empathy and Integrity when interacting with one another, especially in the face of pressure. The exposure serves to encourage and inculcate leadership qualities as students learn to be resilient and are motivated to take up positions to lead or manage team members.


In the process, we strive to build confidence in our young talents, bringing out the best in each student, and to develop an appreciation for dance beyond school years.



Our Football CCA aims to develop students’ techniques and skills in football through progressive, structured training with a strong emphasis on character building.

At Primary 3 and, students are trained in the basic skills of passing, dribbling, shooting and heading. They will also be exposed to actual game situations through friendly matches. At Primary 5 and 6, students’ skills will be further honed as they also learn about the tactical aspects of the game at a more competitive level. This is to prepare them to represent the school in the National School Games.

As the students engage in rigorous training during the Football CCA, the school values of Responsibility, Integrity, Self-discipline and Empathy (R.I.S.E) will be inculcated in them. It is essential for students to understand the importance of teamwork, strive for excellence and play with good sportsmanship.

In line with our school’s vision of nurturing life-long learners and gracious citizens, we hope students will learn to demonstrate graciousness, show respect and play with sportsmanship. The values of teamwork, collaboration and graciousness will prepare them not just for the game, but for life.



Basketball Modular CCA for Primary 4 students provides them with an enriching experience in sports and exposes them to the game of basketball, which is a team sport.

Students are taught the rules of basketball and develop basic basketball skills so that they are equipped to play the game and enjoy the health benefits of being active through sports.


Basketball also provides the opportunity for the students to understand and experience the benefits of good communication and negotiation skills, as they learn to play in a team. They learn about good sportsmanship, gracious behavior and the value of resilience and the importance of team collaboration – skill sets and values to navigate their own future and life.


School values of Responsibility, Integrity, Self-discipline and Empathy are also reinforced through collaborative team play to build students' character and develop interpersonal skills. 



The International Chess Club in Waterway Primary School started in 2020. With the sessions conducted by a professional chess trainer, chess enthusiasts are taught how to play the game well by picking up strategies and new moves during the training sessions. In addition, through the rich and active discussions with the trainer, they also improve their skills of chess openings, attacking or defending tactics, end-game strategies etc. Members get opportunities to spar with each other in mini tournaments held within the club, applying and putting what they have learnt into practice.

The club aims to develop and hone higher-order thinking and analytical skills in students. With more experiences in playing the game, chess players will possess a good memory to recall and analyse their opponent’s past and current moves. Having evaluated the actions and consequences, they then anticipate the opponent’s next move before making theirs.


Through this CCA, we want to build self-confidence and instill the values of discipline, respect, integrity and resilience in our members. With these qualities, we believe that they can strive for excellence and challenge themselves in any difficult situation or competition. 

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Waterway Primary School Art Club is a new CCA that started in 2020. Art is a universal language that can be creatively interpreted and created by anyone. The creative process of creating an art piece can also bring about a therapeutic effect in calming one’s senses – offering individuals an outlet to unwind.

With the purpose of providing an outlet for self-expression and to enjoy the process of creation, the school’s Art Club aims to create a friendly and safe environment that is conducive for art enthusiasts and novices to express themselves through different mediums and various art forms. This also allows them to further develop their interest and love for Art.

Our Art Club provides a platform for Art enthusiasts and novices to take part in activities that extend beyond the formal Art curriculum and aims to instill interest through exploring, expressing and appreciating the different Art forms. Every child is an artist and has a story to tell and the school’s Art Club aims to help our young artists’ stories and imagination become real through fun and enjoyable art making experiences.

In addition to developing the student’s skills and knowledge in Art, the CCA also aims to develop the student’s school values as well as the following outcomes in the student:

A – Attitude (Be positive and try your best!)

R – Respect (Respect everyone and everything.)

T – Think and Talk (Make good choices.)

C – Creative (Be Imaginative.)

L – Lifelong Learning (Learning New Concepts, Mediums and Techniques.)

U – Understand (Elements of Art & Principles of Design.)

B – Brave (Be experimental and observant.)



Waterway Primary School Choir was established in January 2019 as a platform for students to develop the joy in choral singing and to promote healthy vocal awareness for the students.


In Choir, the students are exposed to a variety of languages, cultures, rhythmic patterns and music around the world through a variety of song repertoire. The vocal training activities are conducted in a creative way to motivate the students to:


-    practice proper breathing techniques


-    use the larynx efficiently


-    engage in proper body posture


-    develop self-confidence for performance


-    strengthen pitching and do simple note-reading

As junior choristers, the students will have opportunities to develop leadership skills through guiding new choir members and leading vocal warm up and sectional practices (soprano and alto).

As senior choristers, the students will work alongside with their peers and teachers to manage administrative and logistical processes for rehearsals and performances.



The Cub Scouts Uniformed Group officially started in 2020. The members of the club meet each session to learn more about the scouting mission and participate in the many activities.

The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law. This supports the vision of building a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society.

At Waterway Primary School, guided by our school values of Responsibility, Integrity, Self – Discipline and Empathy, we aim to infuse fun into the scouting sessions while imparting important skills and knowledge. Self-developmental activities are well-entrenched components of the scouting programme to encourage the element of “Fun & Discovery” amongst the Cubs.

We aim to provide a group environment, which is intellectually stimulating and directed towards satisfying the child’s basic needs to face and overcome challenges. Through the CCA, we strive to imbue integrity as one key foundation of character in the students as well as develop them to become independent, confident, responsible and empathetic individuals.

Students will get to be involved in activities such as basic first aid, knotting, tent pitching, outdoor cooking and camp fire that are organised as part of this CCA. Selected cub scouts will also participate in camps. 



Table Tennis started in Waterway Primary School in 2021. The sessions are helmed by teachers who strive to nurture the love for the sports. Adopting the play-practice approach, we introduce elements of table tennis through the mini-games. 

Beyond skills and techniques, we aim to leverage CCA as a platform for students to develop their character, learn values, social emotional competencies and skills to prepare them for future challenges.