This room is used by the counsellor to meet pupils or parents. Children can ask to see the counsellor. Sometimes they are referred by parents and teachers. Children seeing the counsellor may need help with adjusting to school, or coping with changes at home or school. 


They may be anxious with school or sometimes they might need help with getting along with other children. The counsellor can see them individually or in small groups to help them relate with each other. Parents also see the counsellor to discuss how they can support their children at home.



This is our Outdoor Experiential Learning Area. There is a Science Garden here. We will plant species that the pupils learn about and are used in Science lessons such as the papaya, jackfruit, chiku and rambutan trees. 

There is also a pond where pupils can learn more about the eco system, water plants and fish.



The playground is opened for supervised play during recess. The equipment here have been checked and certified suitable for play. It is good to see children gaining confidence with heights when they play regularly. Also, they develop stronger arms and muscles as they play with the monkey bars and are able to do more with time.



Our Student Care Centre is operated by a vendor, Knowledge Park. The Student Care Centre is opened to Singapore citizens only. Applications are considered on a case by case basis. Both parents must be working. Subsidies are available from the Ministry of Family and Social Development.


Children join the centre after school. Lunch and tea are provided and the centre closes at 6.30 p.m. Here, children get help with homework. They have supervised learning, playing and  nap time.


You can find out more information about the Student Care Centre from their website.



We have put up a wall to educate our pupils about water – its importance and how Singapore copes and manages water as a resource. 


We have formal lessons to learn about water conservation and help pupils feel proud about how Singapore overcomes its challenges.